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Christa Verboom
Carlos en Christa

Wedding Videographers

Since 2012, we have been making wedding films that are emotional, sincere, elegant, timeless and above all unique.
We believe in the power of simplicity. No fuss, nothing that distracts from what it should really be about: Your love for each other, the love for friends, the love for family and everything that such a big celebration in life brings. We always want to stay close to the essence.

We (Christa a.k.a Christina and Carlos a.k.a Nicholas) blend in with your guests. We make sure everyone feels comfortable. This way it is everybody feels comfortable around us. Which makes it easy for us to ensure that all moments are captured on film.
The result: A unique, elegant and above all beautiful wedding film.

In short:
We capture moments, preserving them for the future.


Carlos about Christa: Sincere, loving and just the perfect amount of stubbornness. Beautiful inside and out. Always looking for a challenge, always up for something new. Fond of reading and writing stories. A multi-talented person who isn't shy to put in effort. So cliché, but oh-so-true, Christa and I are complementary.

Christa about Carlos: I don't know if it's his Brazilian roots, but he is stubborn, sensitive, warm, cheerful (def not in the morning), passionate, opinionated and I don't know if I've mentioned it yet... very very emotional.

We got married ourselves in October 2015. An intimate destination wedding, just outside Barcelona. An unforgettable day. We are often asked if we would like to share our film. And it's only fair to share yours with you, So here goes: