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A thing of beauty is a joy forever

    Wedding film

  • We love to create wedding films that are unique, showcasing elegance and are filled with sincere emotions. Nothing staged or overly directed. The story we tell is sincere, unique, elegant and timeless. Your wedding is full of true emotions, beauty, magnificence and joyful moments. Fueled by passion, experience and creativity it’s up to us to capture all these moments in the most efficacious elegant and sincere way.

    The recognition we have achieved is the result of certain constants in our work. Not simply in terms of aesthetic vocabulary, engaging production values and imagery, more so through our emotional connection. Which allows us to blend in seamlessly to capture the essence of your special day. Immersed in the moment. Giving us the opportunity to film all the beauty and emotions in a unstaged manner, equipped with the knowledge of when to be where and always being aware of our surroundings. Highlighting your already incredible day, with creativity, authenticity, meticulous craft and grace. True to what good film making is.

    Because you know what that say:

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Timeless | Elegant | Authentic | Emotional

Wedding Films by Christina Nicholas

Since 2012 we have been making beatiful, energetic, emotional and heartfelt wedding films.

Our wedding films can stand the test of time and are unique enough to create a strong authentic story.

10 years have flown by!

Alison & Rudiger
Lanaken, Belgium


Lake Como, Italy

"Carlos & Christa, we are truly speechless. We have watched the video over 20 times after receiving it. It's on repeat! It's unreal how beautiful it turned out. We are really moved by all the beauty you captured during our unforgettable weekend. The film is breathtakingly beautiful. This is so pure and so beautiful. Thank you so much for this. We are so happy that you captured our wedding. The film is spot on when it comes to the feeling we had during the entire weekend. Fantastic. Thank you!"

Jade & David
Hargimont, Belgium

During our first meeting it quickly became clear that there was a good click and only afterwards did it become clear to us how important this click was. In addition, we thought the calm and power that they managed to convey was something special. Communication went smoothly and the tips they gave us in the run-up to our wedding were priceless. On the day itself it became clear once again how professionally they work together (including with other suppliers) to produce the best film.
The very best!

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"What an amazing weddingfilm, so emotional, so pure and so full of elegance. We love every second of it! This is so valueble, we will cherish this film for a lifetime! Dear Carlos and Christa, Thank you!"

Chantal & Maykel
Chateau Neercanne, the Netherlands

"We heard nothing but positive about the two of you. Everything we read and heard boiled down to te same conclusion: The two of you are extremely good at what you do and you an enthusiastic couple. Basically everything we were looking for in a videographer!
The film turned out to be breathtakingly beautiful, even better than our wildest dreams. Dear Christa and Carlos, the two of you are sweet, extremely talented and creative beyond imagination. Love C+M"

Wedding Videography by
Christina Nicholas

Eline & Nick
Algarve, Portugal

"Our planner suggested a few top notch wedding videographers. We instantly loved your work and the meeting with you guys was wonderful, we clicked.

And the wedding film was fantastic, it was so typical us! The tranquility of the location, the party on the boat, the intimate ceremony. Everything is included! Top! BTW our guests are also fans of you guys.


Antwerp, Belgium

"You guys are awesome ! You’ve no idea how many times I’ve watched it... and it hits me every time. Thank you so much, you rock!"

Sharon & Birger
Chateau de Varennes, France

"Christina Nicholas is FANTASTIC.
They are professional and yet very down to earth and fun to hang with. They made us feel completely at ease. Christa and Carlos are very easy-going, they give themselves 200% to perfectly capture your most beautiful day. We are extremely happy with our wedding film and therefore recommend Christina Nicholas as your wedding videographer!"

Wedding Videographer
Christina Nicholas

    Our Approach

  • To be completely honest, saying a videographer is invisible would be the greatest lie. Also, we wouldn't want to be. We want to mingle, blend in. Our goal is to make people comfortable and let them open up to us and our camera’s, instead of following everything from the outside like it’s a study anthropology. We love to connect, bring energy where necessary and radiate tranquility when needed. We know best when a moment calls for discretion and which situation calls for action.

    I think you will recognize a Christina Nicholas film at all times because of this approach.

    What sets us apart is our emotional connection. We become fully immersed in the moment, blending in seamlessly. This allows us to showcase your natural beauty, whether it's unscripted or planned, knowing exactly when and where to be and being mindful of our surroundings. We enhance your already amazing day with creativity, authenticity, meticulous craftsmanship, and grace, staying true to the essence of what great filmmaking is.


If you felt a connection with our films.
If you share a similar view on how we approach a weddingday
and when you feel completely reassured that our experience will result
in the most amazing wedding film possible.

If so, we would love to get in contact with you and tell you more about our packages and availability!

We are proud to have had so many incredible couples inviting us to film their weddings.
And we would love to hear what our possible next adventure has in store for us.

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